Mass disinfection work on Baku streets

Under the instructions of the country's leadership, Baku City Executive Power continues to implement special tightened complex measures to intensify the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in all districts of Baku, Report says. 

By the Cabinet of Ministers' relevant decision on the application of special quarantine regimes in ten cities and six regions of the country, including Baku, the structures of the Baku City Executive Power disinfect main streets and avenues of the capital. The next - the eighth additional reinforced disinfection, works with chemicals that are carried out by 40 units of specialized equipment and 2 thousand employees.

Along with the central streets, disinfection work will be carried out in the streets of the capital's settlements and residential areas until the evening. Due to the toxicity of the used substances, relevant media outlets warned the capital residences about the disinfection works.

Traditionally, the Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel take an active part in this disinfection carried out during the day with the help of 20 special purpose vehicles.

Utility workers were provided with the necessary protective clothing, masks, goggles, and other means, including new disinfectants.


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