Markov: The West does not want to criticize repressions in Armenia

Pashinyan is a man for the West, they don't want to criticize him and close their eyes to all repressions, Russian public figure, political scientist, director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov told  

He was commenting on the deprivation by the parliament of parliamentary immunity of the leader of the Armenian opposition faction Gagik Tsarukyan and permission for his arrest.

“The pro-Armenian lobby plays a very strong role here. They want Armenia to leave the EurAsEC and the Collective Security Treaty Organization, or, without leaving, destroy these organizations, whose leader is Russia ... They put more pressure on Azerbaijan because the country pursues an independent policy. Now all standards have collapsed, they are no longer there, even double ones, they are in the past. They say and do what they want,” he said.

Speaking about what Pashinyan's behavior is connected with, the expert noted that the popularity of the Armenian leader is decreasing day by day, while the system of state administration remains corrupted.

"This makes it possible to arrest anyone. He is afraid that there will be some point of crystallization around his opponents. And instead of the promised economic growth, people are demanding at least social revenge, punishment for the rich. And if there is a question why Pashinyan is fighting his rivals instead of persistently fighting against the coronavirus, the answer is simple - his own presence in power is his number one priority," Markov said.


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