Markov: The CSTO believes Pashinyan organized the provocation on the border with Azerbaijan

One of the reasons for the provocation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is that Pashinyan feels that his power is losing support, and his main rivals in the person of the Karabakh clan from the Republican Party call him a half-traitor, Russian political scientist, director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov told News.Az

“With this provocation on the border, Pashinyan is trying to take from them, relatively speaking, the banner of patriotism. It is also important here to draw the attention of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) to this provocation. But what will the CSTO say about it? It will just call the sides to restraint. After all, the CSTO does not believe Nikol Pashinyan. They know for sure that he is a traitor. Because he once ordered to arrest the CSTO Secretary-General, an Armenian general, while lying to Vladimir Putin that he allegedly did not give this order. The CSTO believes Pashinyan organized this provocation and therefore will never get involved ”

According to him, the first thing that the CSTO leadership will do is just call in Baku, in particular, President Ilham Aliyev and ask what happened: “And despite the fact that Armenia is a member of the CSTO and Azerbaijan is not, the CSTO will believe President Aliyev far more so than Prime Minister Pashinyan.”


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