Markov: Armenia cannot accept its defeat in Second Karabakh War and refuses to implement trilateral statement

Armenia cannot accept its defeat in the Second Karabakh War and refuses to implement the trilateral statement of 10 November 2020, Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies of Russia and political scientist, said in an interview with News.Az.  

“All this is one of the main causes of the escalating tension along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Armenian armed formations have not been completely withdrawn from Karabakh, although this should have been done a very long time ago under the agreements reached. The clashes in the Lachin corridor just a little earlier once again showed the presence of Armenian armed formations on the territory of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region,” Markov said.

The political scientist noted that the failure to complete the delimitation and demarcation of the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is also among the causes of the recent clashes.

He also stressed that Armenia also stands against the realization of the Zangazur corridor.

Markov also touched upon the political aspect of what is happening.

“Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan is very unhappy with the fact that the Minsk Group quitted the negotiation process, and Azerbaijan believes that the Minsk Group has completely failed. Therefore, Pashinyan’s actions are aimed at resuscitation of the Minsk Group,” the Russian political scientist added.

During the night of September 12, the Armenian armed forces units committed large-scale provocations in the Dashkasan, Kalbajar and Lachin directions of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement. 

At night, the sabotage groups of the Armenian armed forces using the mountainous terrain of the area and the existing ravine gaps mined the territories and supply roads between the positions of the Azerbaijan Army Units in different directions. Azerbaijani troops took immediate retaliatory actions to suppress Armenia’s provocations.


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