Manipulations around the Lachin road – another attack against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity - political scientist

“Today, Armenia deals with aggravating the situation around the Lachin road in a very serious way. Actually, it is no coincidence that these events are happening now,” Department head at the Center for Social Research, political scientist Tural Ismayilov told

Political scientist stated that Armenia either commits provocations on the conventional borders, or resorts political manipulations on the eve of these meetings: “Attempts by Armenia, which says that it recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, to transfer cargo convoys to Khankendi through the Lachin road, is a gross violation of international law. Azerbaijan proposed the Ağdam Khankendi road as an alternative road. Despite this, the manipulation namely around the Lachin road is another conspiracy against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.”

“Regrettably, while there is a position of the EU Council, its head Charles Michel, who is active in the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Joseph Borrell's attitude towards Armenian lies not only harms the atmosphere of peace and trust between Azerbaijan and Armenia but also overshadows the EU's mission of moderation. I reiterate that dispatching car convoys at the border in such a sensitive moment - when the Ağdam Khankendi road was proposed, shows to what extent the disgraceful monitoring of the EU's mission, escalates the situation,” said political scientist. 

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