Lithuanian journalist: Statements of Armenian politicians impede establishment of peace in whole South Caucasus - EXCLUSIVE

The statements of the former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan saying that the Armenian national army will show the force of its fist yet looks very unreasonable against the background of current events and the trilateral agreement to end the war, Lithuanian military journalist Richardas Lapaitis said in his exclusive interview to News.Az.

According to him, it's not worth expecting anything different from a man who was one of the main participants in the Khojaly genocide and other ethnic cleansings of the Azerbaijani people.

"I think that his uniform is saved only by the fact that he has the immunity of an ex-president. This is a very dangerous statement. It is a pure provocation. And what territorial losses of Armenia could Serzh Sargsyan speak about, if the war was fought in the territory of Azerbaijan. This is the cynicism of the highest level, there is no other way to call it. Look what we saw in the liberated territories after the end of the Second Karabakh War. Keeping cattle in mosques and other facts of vandalism - it is incomprehensible what they left behind. Is this how they represent peace? Armenian peace, like after Hiroshima, which we saw? What do Aghdam, Fizuli, Zangelan, Kalbajar look like?"

The journalist said that he can't bring himself to call the Armenian fighters an army after their actions during the First Karabakh War.

"So many civilians were killed, how can you call them an army. And when they say they were terrifying, yes, you can say that here. The civilians were terrified while being shot, hanged, slaughtered by Armenian fighters. These people were afraid for their children, their parents. Armenian fighters are terrorists. And when Sargsyan said that the Armenian army during the First Karabakh War consisted of volunteer units, it should be noted that everyone knows who these people were. They were world-famous thugs like Monte Melkonian and others. We know very well how they behaved during the storming of Khojaly, the number of victims left there. They consider these terrorist groups, the core of which were ASALA fighters, as the backbone of the Armenian army. I cannot understand it."

Talking about revanchist statements of the Armenian military leaders and the fact that the Armenian army has a high fighting spirit and will win many victories in the future, Mr. Lapaitis noted:

"What kind of morale are we talking about in the Armenian army? They have only recently come face to face with the Azerbaijani soldier. During all war, they begged Russia to interfere. They begged the United States and France for help. All 44 days of the war, they cried and begged for help. And the world did not interfere, because these are internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has never violated international law.  The President of Azerbaijan as the Commander-in-Chief has shown the highest humanism. After the liberation of Shusha, the Armenian army in Karabakh was completely surrounded. And the President of Azerbaijan showed the world that his country wants to live in peace and harmony even with such a neighbor as Armenia. Therefore, such statements from Armenia do not sound serious and impede the establishment of peace in the entire South Caucasus. Politicians like Serzh Sargsyan are already in the past."  

He expressed confidence that Azerbaijan now, as always, stands for peace and prosperity.

"By the way for the same Karabakh Armenians, who, I emphasize, live in the territory of Azerbaijan, enjoy all the benefits of the Azerbaijani land. I wish politicians like Sargsyan would mature enough to understand this. And probably, the Armenian people themselves should show them their place. And the name of Serzh Sargsyan will be remembered by history as one of the most bloodthirsty. Because his hands are stained with Khojaly genocide. On the other hand, I am very glad that historical justice was served and Azerbaijani refugees can return to their lands."

Richardas Lapaitis is one of the few Baltic journalists who has repeatedly been on the frontline in Karabakh and has witnessed the bloody military events (in Lachin, Nakhchivan, Aghdam, etc.). Lapaitis has collected his personal archive of photo-facts from the scenes of events, which bear witness to the barbaric crimes of Armenians in Khojaly and Karabakh. To this day, he voices his opinion about Karabakh's historical belonging to Azerbaijan, despite the constant threats he receives from the Armenian side.


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