Kuznetsov: Symbolism of terrorist ASALA is an attribute of patriotism among Armenians

It is no surprise to me that Armenian extremists from all over the world use the symbols of the ASALA terrorist group in various events and provocations, Russian historian Oleg Kuznetsov told News.az.

According to him, from 1983 to 1991 it was the most active terrorist group of Armenian nationalists, which was able to absorb all other terrorist groups.

“We can say that the entire political and terrorist struggle of Armenians for the creation of their own state on the territory of the former Soviet Union is associated with the name ASALA in Armenian society and in the diaspora, and all territorial claims of Armenians to neighboring states are already being proclaimed under this flag. First of all, to Azerbaijan, then to Turkey and Georgia. In the mentality of Armenian society, ASALA is perceived as a tool for the realization of geopolitical and national-religious ambitions, the symbolism and emblem of this terrorist organization is very popular among Armenian youth, it is an attribute of patriotism and its opposition to the "enemies" of Armenia - the entire Turkic world," he said.

Besides, according to the historian, the laws of the host country have little significance for Armenian extremists when it comes to "protecting" their interests: "And in order to show that they are the successors of the terrorist group, Armenians wore ASALA symbols on provocations against Azerbaijanis in various capitals and cities of the world."


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