Kazakhstan to declare Armenian journalist personae non gratae for insulting remarks

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry will include Russian journalist of Armenian origin Tigran Keosayan in the list of undesirable persons for his insulting and threating remarks on the Kazakh people, a ministry spokesman said, News.Az reports citing Kazakh media.

On his YouTube channel on April 24, Tigran Keosayan voiced insulting remarks about the Kazakh people, calling them ‘ungrateful’.

“Keosayan’s remarks may reflect the views of certain sections of the Russian public and political establishment, but in no way corresponds to the spirit and content of cooperation between our countries and the existing agreements at the level of heads of state,” spokesman Aibek Smadiyarov said.

The spokesman said that such speeches harm the atmosphere of good neighborly relations. "I believe that he will be included in the list of undesirable people to enter Kazakhstan," Smadiyarov added.

Tigran Keosayan is the wife of Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT TV channel and Rossiya Segodnya international news agency.


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