Karabakh's geography allows developing various tourism products – ATB

The favorable climate and relief of Azerbaijan's Karabakh region allow the development of various types of tourism products, said Florian Sengtschmid, Executive Director of Azerbaijan Tourism Board (ATB).

Sengtschmid made the speech regarding the launch of a new platform "WhereisKarabakh.com".

According to Sengtschmid, it is important to bring information to the entire world about the rich history, cultural monuments, and nature of this magnificent region.

The creation of the WhereisKarabakh.com website pursues precisely this mission, added the director.

The goal of the platform is to show the world the geographical position of Karabakh, as well as bring information about the history, culture, and sights of this region in the correct form.

Having entered the site with a simple interface, users will be able to choose any country on the world map and see the distance from there to Karabakh, as well as learn about the origin of the ‘Karabakh’ toponym, history, monuments, prominent cultural figures, the art of mugham and carpet weaving, Karabakh horses, etc.

In the information section of the website, visitors are invited to go to the page of the ‘Azerbaijan.travel’ platform on Karabakh for getting more detailed information.


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