Just how quick Publicity theses can change the mind of a male? Michael Rubin's adaptable position will certainly suprise You. (OPINION)

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It should be noted that Michael Rubin is known for his anti-Azerbaijani position.

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Think of a man that altered his mind in the fastest means during the last one decade in the history of the USA. This is Michael Rubin, an elderly other at the American Business Institute. Rubin utilized to exagerate every little thing at The Government's Workplace of Special Strategies. It is enough to take a quick consider the job of Rubin, who built his job on propaganda and is known for it.

Rubin, that suches as to share harsh views regarding the Middle East, has actually just recently targeted Turkish Head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He did not wait to use bad language regarding him. In 2007 Rubin accused the Shrub management of disappointing Turkey throughout Erdogan's tenure as prime minister. During this speech he called Kurdistan Workers' Party a terrorist organization. And unexpectedly Bingooo. This year on March 17, Rubin in his tweet called the celebration's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish Nelson Mandela.

This is positionlessness, self-denial, publicity and also, most importantly - unprofessionalism. Mr Rubin voiced comparable overstated and modified setting during the US-led intrusion of Iraq. He was even criticized by Gregory Djerejian, a popular somebody of Armenian descent living in the United States.

" Gregory Djerejian sums up Rubin's time working for the Shrub management, which additionally included offering briefly as a political advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority, thusly: "Rubin became part of a team related to Doug Feith at the Government that were, in the main, [Ahmed] Chalabi-cheerleaders, as well as ingested with alacrity the kool-aid that the 'liberation' would certainly be speedy and invited by the Iraqis and that the U.S. government would have the ability to hand off the governance swiftly as well as without much pain to Chalabi and also Co. Placing it clearly then, and I wish I'm not hurting anybody's sensations right here, Rubin had a considerable responsibility for the tactical and also operational choices made after the invasion. Basically he could well be called to task for this significant U.S. policy failing and all the tragic mess our government and nation is now facing with so much blood and treasure spilled." (https://militarist-monitor.org/profile/michael-rubin/).

Soon Michael Rubin harshly slammed Armenia in one of his meetings. He stated that the worst circumstance in the Caucasus is in Armenia. The circumstance is so bad that almost all young people are leaving the country, 35% of population has left Armenia. 

And also bingooo again. In 2016, Rubin, making use of basic theses began harshly targeting Azerbaijan and Turkey, with whom Armenia is in dispute in the area. Who assures that he will not target Armenia once again?

In 2019, after meeting the Somaliland administration, Rubin all of a sudden ended up being really thinking about the area. It is very curious that he began to write numerous articles concerning Somalis as well as Somaliland.

( Michael Rubin, a participant of American Venture Institute as well as wonderful powerbroker for Somaliland recognition with Somaliland head of state Muse Bihi Abdi - Photo Somaliland Michael Rubin Standard).

Who should trust him now? Somalis, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Kurds? It is evident that Rubin is steering as well as generating income based upon the locations in some regions and also its actors. It is clear that propaganda is an economically inspired factor. Rubin has actually picked an effective setting for his pocket, however a very not successful placement for a political analyst. With this political facelessness, he can develop into a creature at finest. As well as not more.


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