Josep Borrell’s latest remarks provide glimpse into egregious French role in besmirching Azerbaijan’s reputation - political analyst

The issue concerning the ‘proposed’ rejection of the credentials of Azerbaijan’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council is worrying, to an extent, but not in the extreme, political analyst Orkhan Amashov told News.Az.  

“There is no genuine substantial ground for such a measure, and the imposition of limitations on the delegation’s voting rights is destined to prove counter-productive,” he said.

The political analyst noted that throughout 2023, in view of Azerbaijan’s legitimate actions on its own sovereign territory in Karabakh, aimed at the restoration of full sovereignty and the imposition of constitutional order, the circumstances surrounding the Lachin Road prior to the September counter-terrorism measures and Baku’s unwillingness to let the observers from PACE to visit the concerned areas, and other concomitants, relations between Azerbaijan and the European Council were affected.

“Josep Borrell’s latest remarks, addressing the expulsion of two French diplomats from Azerbaijan in December, provided a glimpse into the egregious French role in besmirching Azerbaijan’s reputation, which is widely acknowledged in Baku,” Amashov said.

“As to whether Azerbaijan may potentially withdraw form the European Convention on Human Rights, and leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Nothing is unthinkable, but i would be inclined to presume that such a situation is not within the realm of imminent probability.

I recall only two nations that have ever left the ECHR, Greece half a century ago, and Russia subsequent to the recent invasion of Ukraine. The UK is also presently taking steps to leave it, but its motivations are naturally different,” the political analyst added.



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