Japan expels employee of Russian Consulate in Sapporo

The Japanese government decided to expel an employee of Russia’s Consulate in Sapporo (Hokkaido) in response to Russia detaining Japan’s consul in Vladivostok and subsequently declaring him persona non grata, News.Az reports citing Kyodo. 

It is noted that the Russian diplomat has to leave the country by October 10.

Earlier, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said that Japanese diplomat Motoki Tatsunori was caught red-handed while procuring classified information for pay. Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed protest to Tokyo. The detained diplomat was declared persona non grata and was given 48 hours to leave Russia.

The Japanese side, however, insists that the man had done nothing illegal. It expressed protest and demanded apologies. Russian Ambassador to Tokyo Mikhail Galuzin noted that Tokyo’s reaction was unjustified since the Japanese diplomat violated both Russian laws and the Vienna Convention, adding that it is rather Moscow who has reason to demand apologies from Tokyo.


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