It’s no secret Armenia has links with terrorist organizations, analyst says

As in the first Karabakh War, Armenia has involved members with Armenian background of terrorist groups operating in Nagorno-Karabakh in the latest battles, Javid Valiyev, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Azerbaijani Center for the International Relations Analysis (AIR Center), told News.Az.

“Many of those involved in the first Karabakh War were members of the terrorist organization ASALA. In other words, these people involved in both the first Karabakh War and the latest battles were terrorists, not mercenaries,” Valiyev said.

The analyst pointed out that a state collaborating with terrorists is a terrorist state, which is also envisaged in international relations.

He accused the international community of turning a blind eye to these obvious facts and using the issue of fictitious mercenaries against Baku with the aim of tarnishing Azerbaijan’s just cause.

Valiyev said Armenia is now intending to recruit mercenaries.

It is no secret that Armenia has links with terrorist organizations, noted the analyst, adding. “For example, in Yerevan, there is a cemetery for ASALA terrorists, who are considered heroes in Armenia.”

Valiyev said Azerbaijan has repeatedly complained and warned that its occupied territories are uncontrolled, where there may be terrorists.  

“The latest events have also confirmed this. Azerbaijan was worried about this. In order to prevent these and other illegal steps, the occupied Azerbaijani territories had to be returned in time with the support of the international community,” the analyst added.


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