Italian president sends letter to Azerbaijani leader

President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella has sent a letter to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as the 9th Global Baku Forum under the motto “Challenges to the Global World Order” has got underway.

The letter reads: “I have received your kind invitation to the Ninth Edition of the “Global Baku Forum”.

I regret to inform you that I shall not be able to take part in this initiative due to institutional commitments already in my Schedule.

I am sure that this year too the meeting will provide a useful opportunity for reflection: the topic you have chosen, “Challenges to the Global World Order,” is a testimony of that intention.

The present context – marked by the economic and social aftermath of the pandemic and by the terrible consequences of the Russian aggression against Ukraine – requires we face the responsibility of promoting with even greater determination the values of dialogue and collaboration among peoples.

Owing to the reappearance of the threats of imperialism and militarism, paired with the risk of a progressive unravelling of the international order, initiatives like the one in Baku wield an even greater prominence. These initiatives are based on the respect of diversity, the systematic interaction with other cultures and the recognition of the equal dignity of the other, all these being essential elements for safeguarding global peace and stability.

In renewing my deepest appreciation for your activities and in offering you my heartfelt wishes of success for the forthcoming Global Baku Forum, I avail myself of this opportunity to convey to you my best regards.”


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