Israeli expert: Signing of MoU between Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan is the result of President Aliyev’s far-sighted policy

The signing by Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan of a Memorandum of Understanding on joint exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources of the “Dostlug field” in the Caspian Sea indicates that Azerbaijan’s victory in Karabakh has changed the realities of the region, Mikhail Finkel, an Israeli lawyer, an expert in international law and international politics, told News.Az.

The expert stressed that the countries of the region, in particular, Turkmenistan, saw how much Azerbaijan is powerful both militarily and economically.

“Azerbaijan is a country with which one needs to resolve issues and cooperate. Undoubtedly, this agreement will further contribute to strengthening the stability in the field of energy security. All this is very good and is the result of the wise, competent and far-sighted policy of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and the state of Azerbaijan as a whole,” Finkel added.


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