Israeli expert comments on resumed shelling by Armenia: It doesn't matter who gives those orders

The ceasefire signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the end of the Second Karabakh War, mediated by Russia, is a legally binding decision for the parties to the conflict. But we observe how the Armenian troops continue shelling the positions of the Azerbaijani Army.

Israeli lawyer and expert on international law and international politics Mikhail Finkel made the remark in a conversation with News.Az.

"It has been done intensively during the last days with the use of small arms and artillery. This shows that this is another form of terrorism. Because terrorists are those armed formations that do not obey international law and do not fulfill the obligations of those documents which they have signed. The subject of the dispute may be who is giving these orders; it may be from the top, the generals, or a lower level, but it doesn't matter. The very fact that this is happening is a blatant violation of signed agreements and is certainly a form of terrorism," the expert said.


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