Israeli expert: Armenian Diaspora all over the world mobilized for violence against Azerbaijanis

We see when the Armenian Diaspora behaves extremely aggressively towards Azerbaijanis living abroad. I also know that the Armenian Diaspora has announced a mobilization throughout Europe, and this is a mobilization aimed precisely at violence.

Israeli political analyst Arye Gut expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az while commenting on the attack of representatives of the Armenian Diaspora of Azerbaijanis in a number of countries around the world. 

"In this regard, it should be stressed that representatives of the Armenian diaspora during the attacks on Azerbaijanis in Los Angeles positioned themselves as supporters of the terrorist organization ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia). These people may even carry out terrorist attacks against Azerbaijani diplomats abroad. For them there are no norms of international law, for them there is only the language of force," he said.

Gut noted that Armenians are attacking the Azerbaijani diaspora in Brussels, seeing their numerical superiority.

"In one of the clashes, about 800 Armenians attacked 50-60 Azerbaijanis. And the police were just quietly watching what was happening. This should not be happening. I think that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Security Service of Azerbaijan should think about strengthening the protection of diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, in particular the heads of these diplomatic missions, because they may become the main targets of Armenian terrorist organizations in the future. In this case, the best example is the Israeli security service of diplomatic missions abroad," the expert concluded.


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