Israeli expert about Khojaly: World community must punish the aggressors in full

The fact of genocide by Armenian aggressors in Khojaly is well known in the world. Many representatives of the world community, as well as leaders of some countries, recognized this fact, Israeli political analyst Yuri Bocharov told News.Az.

"So, thanks to the explanatory work of the international association AZIZ (Azerbaijan-Israel), President of Israel Reuven Rivlin several years ago from the rostrum of the UN recognized the fact of genocide in Khojaly against Azerbaijanis committed by the Armenians and condemned it. And although the global condemnation is a very serious fact, unfortunately, many of the perpetrators of those events, both the direct perpetrators and their ideological inspirers have not yet received real punishment."

The expert reminded that today, after winning the liberation war, Azerbaijan regained its legitimate territories, which turned out to be completely destroyed and looted.

"Naturally, Azerbaijan has the right to apply to all world organizations and courts to demand compensation for both material and moral damages. It must also ensure that this time the world community not only condemns the aggressors but also punishes them fully. Azerbaijan must achieve its "Nuremberg trial" over the Armenian aggressors because the blood of innocent victims demands revenge," Bocharov concluded.


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