As result of Israeli strike, Iranian consulate in Damascus destroyed, commander of SEPAH killed

At least 7 people were killed in an Israeli air force missile attack on the Mezze area in the west of the Syrian capital Damascus, where the Iranian embassy and consulate are located, Iranian media said.

The fact was confirmed by the Iranian Ambassador to Syria.

It is reported that one of the rockets fell on a mansion, which was used for meetings with representatives of Lebanese and Palestinian organizations. The Iranian ambassador was at the scene but was not injured.

The Iranian consulate was completely destroyed in the attack. A senior general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (SEPAH), the commander of the corps in Syria and Lebanon, Mohammed Reza Zahedi, and his deputy, Muhammad Haji Rahimi, were killed.

Near the Iranian diplomatic mission complex there are houses where military advisers to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (elite units of the Iranian armed forces) live.

On January 20, under the same circumstances, the commander of the intelligence service of the Al-Quds special forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Yusuf Omid Zadeh, was killed in Damascus. Then 3 planes joined the attack, and the four-story house in which the advisers lived was completely destroyed.



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