Israel-Azerbaijan International Association "AzIz" issues statement on the Armenian military provocation

Israel-Azerbaijan International Association "AzIz" has issued a statement on the Armenian military provocation committed on July 12.

The statement reads:

"Israel-Azerbaijan International Association "AzIz" deeply grieves over the Azerbaijani servicemen killed as a result of shelling by the Armenian armed forces and offers condolences to the families of sergeant Sadigov Vugar Latif oglu, Private Mamedov Elshad Dönmez oglu, Private Dashdemirov Khayyam Magomed oglu and lieutenant Makhmudov Rashad Rashid oglu.

International Association Israel-Azerbaijan "Aziz" sharply condemns the military actions provoked by the Armenian side on the front line in the area of the Tovuz district of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

On July 12, violating the ceasefire regime Armenian military units shelled border zones and attempted to seize territories of Azerbaijan. The intentions of the Armenian Armed Forces were prevented by military operations of the Azerbaijan side.

The battles were conducted for several hours. Both sides suffered a loss of manpower.

Despite the ceasefire established in 1993, provocative actions committed by the Armenian side continue throughout the border zone, as a result of which military and civilian residents of the border get killed.

Recall that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1988 was imposed on Azerbaijan by Armenia for an aggressive purpose.

As a result of this war, Azerbaijan lost 20% of its territories, which still remain under the occupation of Armenia.

International Association Israel-Azerbaijan "Aziz" on behalf of the many thousands community of immigrants from Azerbaijan, living in Israel, appeals to the international community, to the media, to the UN Security Council, to the UN General Assembly, to OSCE Minsk Group, Council of Europe and European Parliament with a call to stop the aggression of the Armenian armed forces against peaceful residents of Azerbaijan, stop provocations against Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

We also call on these organizations and the global public opinion to condemn the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent areas of Azerbaijan by Armenia and demand immediate implementation of the UN resolution on the liberation of all occupied territories so that civilians who became refugees were able to return to their aboriginal lands.

We demand peace, justice and restoration territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan!"


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