Iron Fist expedition to Zafar peak organized

The Iron Fist expedition to mark the anniversary of the Patriotic War has been held with the participation of a group of servicemen of the Azerbaijani Air Force, climbers of the Gartal Mountain Sports Club, and Baku.TV employees, the country's Defense Ministry told News.Az 

First, the participants of the expedition visited the Alley of Martyrs to lay flowers at the graves of Azerbaijani martyrs and pay tribute to their memories.

A group of climbers led by Lieutenant Colonel Zal Nabiyev and head of the club Rufat Gojayev marched to “Zafar” peak in the territory of Guba district.

The climbers conquered the “Zafar” peak in the Bazarduzu mount of the Greater Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 4301 meters above sea level, where they performed the National Anthem of Azerbaijan, and honored the blessed memory of those who became Shehids (martyrs) in the Patriotic War by observing a minute of silence.


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