Iran's draining Lake Urmia aimed at ousting Azerbaijanis: Turkologist

Baku hosted a round table discussion on the topic "The issue of South Azerbaijan in the regional and international arena", News.Az reports.

During the meeting, representatives of the Azerbaijani expert and academic community, head of the Tabriz Research Institute (TEBAREN), lecturer at Ankara University, Turkologist Mamedrza Heyat discussed the issue of South Azerbaijan in the context of Azerbaijani-Turkish relations, the problem of the native language and the drying up of Lake Urmia in South Azerbaijan.

In addition, the coverage of these issues at the regional and international levels was discussed.

Mamedrza Heyat noted that the issue of South Azerbaijan is a "red line" for Azerbaijan.

Speaking about the draining of Lake Urmia by Iran, he said that it has become a political issue, and the goal is to oust the Azerbaijanis.

"The draining of Lake Urmia also creates serious environmental problems. If this continues, the areas around the lake will become uninhabitable," he added.


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