IOM Azerbaijan organizes training of trainers on Identification of Victims of Trafficking

On 30 August, the United Nations Migration Agency - the International Organization for Migration, Mission in Azerbaijan (IOM Azerbaijan) started a five-day Training of Trainers (ToT) for First Responders on Identification of Victims of Trafficking with the participation of representatives from the national institutions, and civil society organizations. The training was organized in the framework of the project “Counter-Trafficking in Persons Activity” Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in close coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MIA).

The event began with the official opening session where the participants were welcomed by Vladimir Gjorgjiev, the Chief of IOM Mission to Azerbaijan, Hazi Aslanov, Head of Counter-Trafficking Main Department of MIA, and Dhulce-Janice McGuire, Office Director at USAID Azerbaijan.

During the training international and national participants, relevant officials from state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and representatives of NGOs active in the field will be provided training from the expert and they will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences, approaches and broaden their knowledge on trafficking, an anti-trafficking system in Azerbaijan and abroad, the challenges, the achievements, and protection of victims of trafficking.

The project “Counter-Trafficking in Persons (C-TIP) Activity” funded by USAID aims at assisting the Government of Azerbaijan to further improve the country’s effectiveness in preventing and combating human trafficking and forced labour through raising public awareness on TIP and providing technical and financial support to the civil society organization operating shelters for assisting potential and actual victims of trafficking and forced labour.


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