IOM Azerbaijan builds capacities to local lawyers to better assist victims of human trafficking and forced labor

Training for Practical Lawyers on Trafficking in Persons is taking place between the 7th and 10th of September in Baku and is carried out by the IOM Azerbaijan under the project “Counter-Trafficking in Persons Activity” Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in close cooperation with Legal Aid and Training Centre of Azerbaijani Bar Association. The 4 days training covers the subjects on trafficking in person, forced labor, and assistance to people at risk of trafficking and exploitation, as well as potential victims of trafficking.

Speaking at the launch of the training, Vladimir Gjorgjiev, the Chief of IOM Mission to Azerbaijan highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Azerbaijani Bar Association in capacity-building initiatives aimed at sensitizing lawyers to the human rights dimension of human trafficking and to increase their capacity to counter the crime and to protect victims.

"We hope this capacity-building training will contribute to the exchange of best practices and methodologies to combat the serious challenges posed by human trafficking in the country," said Vladimir Gjorgjiev.

Chairman of Azerbaijani Bar Association Anar Baghirov stressed the importance of cooperation with the IOM for their organization and the successful implementation of joint projects. Noting that the training for lawyers is important for the protection of victims of human trafficking, Baghirov also said that changes are needed in the legislation.

“We are concerned about the fact that the law does not provide for legal assistance to victims of human trafficking at public expense. Given that most victims are people in need of free legal assistance, then we must work to resolve this issue,” said Baghirov.

During the training, lawyers are provided training from Izabela Hartman, expert and trainer with extensive experience in law, both theory and practice, and in the training of lawyers on a relevant subject. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences, approaches, and broaden their knowledge on trafficking, the challenges, the achievements, and protection of victims of trafficking, build a stronger partnership, improve prosecution and learn more about preventive measures in the area of human trafficking and forced labor.

The IOM Azerbaijan’s project “Counter-Trafficking in Persons (C-TIP) Activity” funded by USAID is supporting the Government of Azerbaijan with several other activities to further improve the country’s effectiveness in preventing and combating human trafficking and forced labour through raising public awareness on TIP and providing technical and financial support to the civil society organization operating shelters for assisting potential and actual victims of trafficking and forced labour.


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