Inflation in Germany reaches record high in April

Inflation in Germany hit 7.4 in April, the highest figure since 1990, official data showed on Wednesday, News.Az reports citing foreign media.

The last time inflation reached this level was in the fall of 1981, when oil prices soared due to the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war. In March, inflation in Germany amounted to 7.3 percent, in February - 5.1 percent, and in January - 4.9 percent. Compared to March, consumer prices rose by 0.8 percent in April.

"The inflation rate thus reached an all-time high for the second month in a row since German reunification," Georg Thiel, president of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), said in a written statement.

Food prices rose considerably for households, 8.6%, last month, while energy prices rose substantially, 35.3%.

"This is where the impact of the war in Ukraine is becoming more and more visible," the Destatis said.


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