In photos: Azerbaijani medics on the front line against COVID-19

Azerbaijani health workers are on the front line in the country’s fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Medics and nurses are ‘true heroes’ who are risking their own lives to save the lives of patients suffering from the infection.

Photographer Aziz Karimov took the photos of medical workers fighting the pandemic at the Educational-Scientific Clinic of Azerbaijan Medical University.

News.Az presents the photos reflecting Azerbaijani doctors and nurses with bruised faces after spending many hours at hospitals wearing protective masks and goggles while treating the patients.

Doctor Mammad Mammadov

Nurse Farid Mammadov

Doctor Rufat Gurbanov

Doctor Mukhtar Museyibov

Nurse Aygul Aliyeva

Health worker Nijat Sattarov

Health worker Namaz Ibrahimov

Doctor Mammad Mammadov


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