‘If Armenians in Karabakh face real threat of starvation, why don’t they accept Baku’s aid?’ - Azerbaijani MP

Armenia’s political-military leadership and the separatist regime under their control are trying hard to convince the international community that the Armenian residents of Karabakh face a real threat of humanitarian disaster due to the “blockade” of Lachin road by Azerbaijan, Elman Nasirov, an MP, political scientist, told News.Az.

Nasirov recalled that Armenia also raised the issue of so-called “blockade” at the UN Security Council. “However, their plans failed. Azerbaijan offered Armenia the use of the Aghdam-Khankendi road. If the Armenian residents of Karabakh face a real threat of starvation, why don’t they use the Aghdam-Khankendi road and why do they refuse to accept Azerbaijan’s humanitarian aid? Because the main goal of Armenia and its puppet regime is to mislead the international community and smear Azerbaijan,” he said.

According to the lawmaker, France once again demonstrated its pro-Armenian nature.

“France resorted to another provocation against Azerbaijan under the guise of “humanitarian aid”. France is striving to raise the issue of so-called “humanitarian disaster” at the UN Security Council again and achieve the adoption of an anti-Azerbaijani resolution,” MP Nasirov said.

“In his latest interview with local TV channels, French President Macron once again demonstrated his pro-Armenian stance by stating that ‘it’s not time for diplomacy anymore’,” he added.

The MP also commented on the recent attack on Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Lebanon.

“Yesterday, more than 50 people of Armenian origin committed an act of vandalism against Azerbaijan. Lebanese police failed to take any action to stop them. Armenia and its patrons have recently begun to intensify their anti-Azerbaijani campaigns. Azerbaijan, in turn, will take appropriate steps based on international law,” the lawmaker said.


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