ICRC should coordinate its steps with Baku: Azerbaijani MP

After Azerbaijan ensured its territorial integrity within the framework of international law, the remnants of the Armenian separatists and the junta regime in Garabagh continue to take steps directed against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and make insidious plants, MP Tural Ganjali told News.Az.

“In recent times, Armenia and its patrons have been staging dirty games such as “blockade”, “humanitarian games” and the alleged “starvation” of Armenians living in Garabagh.  France, pro-Armenian circles in the West and the Armenian lobby are the main participants of these dirty games against Azerbaijan,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), known as a humanitarian organization worldwide, is also involved in these dirty games, and this organization keeps taking steps in support of Armenia’s propaganda machine,” the lawmaker added.

MP Ganjali recalled that a while ago, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society sent humanitarian aid cargo to Khankendi, exposing the groundless allegations of “blockade”. “However, Armenian separatists prevented the aid cargo passage to Khankendi, and not once did the ICRC criticize Armenia and its patrons in this matter,” he said.

The lawmaker emphasized that the blocking by Armenian separatists of a truck with food supplies sent from Russia, the ICRC’s pressure on the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and its biased stance on this matter showed that this organization has already lost its reputation.

“This organization, which should respect Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and cooperate with the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and other local humanitarian organizations, is busy “pouring water into the Armenian mill.” Until now, the ICRC has never reacted to the separatist regime's holding the local population as hostages and preventing their needs,” he said.

MP Ganjali stated that the ICRC should coordinate its steps with Baku.

“This organization should coordinate its steps with official Baku. It should no longer receive instructions from Yerevan or any other place. If it operates in the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan, it should respect the laws and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has never prevented the ICRC from carrying out its activities in Garabagh. The ICRC should avoid double standards,” MP Ganjali added.


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