Iceland volcano eruption ends but leaves residents in the cold

Iceland's latest volcanic eruption appeared to have ended on Friday but left a trail of damage to roads and pipelines, cutting hot water to parts of the Reykjanes peninsula during freezing temperatures, reports citing Reuters.

The eruption began on Thursday, spewing orange lava 80 metres (260 feet) high from a 3 km (2 mile) crack in the earth. However, by mid-day on Friday drone-footage showed no signs of activity at the site.

"This suggests that the eruption is ending. Volcanic tremor is no longer being detected on seismic sensors," the Icelandic Meterological Office (IMO) said in a statement.

About 15 million cubic meters of molten rock had flowed from the ground in the first seven hours of the eruption, according to an IMO estimate on Friday.

It was the third eruption in the area, just south of the capital Reykjavik, since December.


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