Hungary will also accept Azerbaijani nationals wishing to leave Ukraine: Foreign Ministry

After Moldova, Poland and Slovakia, Hungary will also accept Azerbaijani citizens wishing to leave Ukraine due to the current situation, the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan told News.Az.

Azerbaijani citizens, who are in serious danger, can leave Ukraine for Ukraine in the following order:

- Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan can enter Hungary through the border points between the two countries - Barabas, Beregshurani, Lonyay, Tishetbech and Zahony.

- The Hungarian side will issue a duty-free 15-day visa to citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan at checkpoints on the border. At the same time, Azerbaijani citizens must present a travel document (passport) at the border point.

- Due to the humanitarian situation, the Hungarian side will not necessarily require a COVID passport and a negative PCR test for COVID-19 from citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan wishing to cross the land border.

If you have any questions, our citizens can contact the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Hungary at +36300901033 (for phone calls), +994552999012 (for calls via WhatsApp) and by e-mail [email protected].

For questions about the evacuation of citizens in connection with the situation in Ukraine, you can contact the Operations Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Hungary by phone +36 1 4411960 and e-mail [email protected].

"We emphasize once again that citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, permanently and temporarily residing in Ukraine, who visited the country for tourism or educational purposes, are advised to stay away from places of accumulation of military units and facilities, stay at home or in a safe place and refrain from travel," the Azerbaijani ministry added.


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