Hungarian President: We need good friends and partners to diversify our energy resources

“It is an honor for us to have you on an official visit in Hungary. I know that you already had a very good program yesterday. I hope for a good continuation, which will be with Prime Minister, who is the executive,” said President of Hungary Katalin Novák as she held an expanded meeting with President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in Budapest, reports.

“Just as I already mentioned, you have met the delegation members at the Kossuth Square at your reception. But you didn’t meet our new energy minister, which is one of the most important topics we have – the energy cooperation between our two countries.

Well, we are not in such a lucky situation that you are, unfortunately. We were deprived from our natural energy resources more than 100 years ago. So, we don't have it anymore. And we need good friends and partners so that we can now diversify our energy resources, because you know that for the present we are dependent from the Russian oil and gas. And that was also one of our major issues that we discussed - the actual situation of the war and our expectations,” President Katalin Novák added. 

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