Host countries bear serious responsibility for the protection of Azerbaijani diplomats: Azerbaijani MP

“Today, international terrorism is one of the most serious threats to humanity and stands at the forefront of global threats to the world. International terrorists operate in a coordinated and coordinated manner,” Member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis (Parliament), political scientist Elman Nasirov told

“Today, the next wave of Armenian terrorism targets Azerbaijani embassies and diplomatic missions in foreign countries,” MP noted.

Member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis emphasized that Armenian terrorist groups targeted Azerbaijani embassies in various cities of Europe and Asia: “The bloody acts of terrorism they once carried out against Turkish diplomats have now been directed against Azerbaijani diplomats. This is an international crime, a flagrant violation of all the principles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Missions.”

E. Nasirov noted that countries where diplomatic missions are located bear serious responsibility in these matters: “They should carry out preventive and systematic measures related to the protection of life and property of Azerbaijani diplomats. Criminals should be found and brought to justice immediately, and a report should be requested from the Armenian government.”

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