Hikmet Hajiyev: Azerbaijan taking self-defense measures to neutralize risks for civilian population

Azerbaijan is taking proportionate measures in the context of self-defense to neutralize the risks for the civilian population of Azerbaijan, Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev told reporters on Wednesday.

He reminded that as everybody knows the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan have taken a trip to Ganja which has been attacked by Armenian missiles to see the damage for themselves.

“That particular part of Ganja which has been attacked is a densely populated part of the city but unfortunately in a discriminating manner, this part of the city became a target for Armenian armed forces. Even preceding that, the Armenian armed forces used to threaten to attack civil population and also critical energy infrastructure of Azerbaijan, in part Mingachevir,” Hajiyev said.

The presidential aide noted that it is becoming a routine for Armenian armed forces to shell Tartar, Aghdam, and Fuzuli regions.

“Azerbaijani has taken the decision to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of the Azerbaijani civilian population. In the context of self-defense, we have taken the proportionate action to neutralize the risks for the civilian population of Azerbaijan,” Hajiyev said.

He added that Armenian armed forces are doing everything in their power to cause the largest number of causalities, to undermine the regional peace and security with the actions taken on the ground.

“We have informed international partners on this fact and via media also Armenian side but they do not stop as they continue to threaten the population on the ground,” Hajiyev concluded.


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