Hikmet Hajiyev: At a time when the whole world is fighting against a pandemic, Armenia has made a provocation against Azerbaijan

“In the conditions when the whole world community wages fight against the pandemic, the provocation committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan”, Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan-Head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan Hikmat Hajiyev told APA TV.

He said previously the Armenian side came up with a statement in which it noted that as if they supported and stayed committed to the UN Secretary General’s initiative about global ceasefire: “The point has also found its reflection in that or another form in the statement jointly issued by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and ministers of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Despite this, we have once again witnessed Armenia’s other hypocrisy, dirty game, and trickery. But by this trickery, they have disgraced themselves and have brought themselves in hard condition”.

H. Hajiyev noted that the reason for the implementation of this provocation by the Armenian side can be explained by several factors: “Firstly, Armenia tries to evade responsibility for occupation and aggression. Secondly, they understand that they should liberate the Azerbaijani lands from occupation and there is no other way out of the existing situation. The pressures applied to it by the international community also confirm this truth”.

The Presidential aide said recently the position of the Azerbaijan Republic in the international organizations and on the international arena as a whole strengthens even more: “The adopted decisions, resolutions clearly show this. The illegal elections held on the occupied territories of Azerbaijan were resolutely and expressly condemned by the whole international community. The multiple international events were held during the period of coronavirus pandemic by the initiative of the President of Azerbaijan. Also, by the unanimous support of the world community – thanks to the support of Azerbaijan’s position by over 130 states, we achieved convening of a special session of the UN General Assembly dedicated to the global agenda. On July 10, in accordance with the UN procedures and based also on the order given to the UN General Assembly by the UN Secretary-General, this session was convened. All these successes of Azerbaijan, the achievements obtained by us seriously disturb Armenia”.

Hikmet Hajiyev added that at the same time the situation inside Armenia itself is very tense: “In general, the tense social and economic and demographic situation has been ruling in Armenia up to now. The country’s political system is in a crisis condition. In such a case, Armenia’s leaders resorted to such provocations in order to cover up the careless policy of Armenia’s leaders against COVID-19 and to direct the attention of people and the wider public on the image of a foreign enemy. On the backdrop of all these developments, the provocation was committed by Armenia on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. We would like to reiterate that the responsibility for this incident falls on Armenia’s political and military leaders. Our martyrs’ blood hasn’t been left unrevenged, the necessary measures have been and are being taken by the Azerbaijan Armed Forces in response to such provocative actions of Armenia”.


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