Hikmat Hajiyev: State like Armenia does not have moral right to talk about international law

Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev’s interview with APA.

How do you evaluate the negotiations conducted between Turkey and Greece on the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region that has taken place in recent days?

The Republic of Azerbaijan supports the relations based on mutually beneficial cooperation, stability, and security between countries. Currently, the existing situation in the Eastern Mediterranean region is a matter of concern. Especially, at a time when there is a global fight against coronavirus pandemic, it is important to prioritize negotiations. From this perspective, we commend the NATO-mediated talks between brotherly Turkey and Greece. We also believe that dialogue and direct discussions between the parties, without any preconditions, will reduce tensions and find appropriate solutions. Azerbaijan is ready to contribute to this issue if necessary.

Attempts by Armenia, which confuse the Mediterranean Sea with Lake Sevan, the historical name of which is Goyche, to intervene in the issue as a catalyst are ridiculous. By habit, Armenia tries to intervene in something that does not concern it. A state such as Armenia, which committed aggression against Azerbaijan in flagrant violation of international law and the UN Charter, has no moral right to speak about international law.

It would be good if Armenia, which dreams of creating a "Great Armenia from sea to sea", finally realized that it has no access to the sea. Instead of living with the fantasies of the Mediterranean Sea, Armenia, as a landlocked country, must understand that if the occupation policy towards Azerbaijan ends, it will be able to take advantage of regional communication and transportation opportunities.


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