Hikmat Hajiyev: First stage of peace enforcement operation has ended

"The status quo was changed as a result of Azerbaijan's counter-offensive, Assistant to Azerbaijani President - Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said at today's briefing.

H.Hajiyev said that for 30 years the occupation policy of Armenia has been strengthening day by day: "Armenia pursued a policy of artificial settlement in Jabrayil, in other occupied territories, and there was no reaction to these actions of Armenia. Now there is no "line of contact". Armenia tried to present the line of contact as the border between the so-called regime and Azerbaijan. "

The presidential aide noted that the first stage of the peace enforcement operation has ended:

"In response to the call of the international community, by order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Minister of Foreign Affairs took part in the negotiations in Moscow. A temporary ceasefire is also a step arising from the Geneva Convention. But Armenia uses it, violates the ceasefire and the foreign journalists there record it".

Hajiyev informed that within 10 days Jabrayil and the villages, as well as the village of Hadrut and the surrounding villages were liberated from the occupation:

"This is a great psychological blow to Armenia. Conflicts continue not only militarily, but also in militarily-political ways. We must continue the successes of our soldiers on the diplomatic front. As a continuation of our military victories, our superiority also continues on the diplomatic front."


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