Handover of accurate minefield maps by Armenia is necessary for establishment of peace: Azerbaijani MP

The landmine threat remains a major impediment to the return of former IDPs to the liberated Azerbaijani territories, MP Arzu Naghiyev told News.Az.

The lawmaker stressed that Armenia planted landmines in all infrastructures in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region.

“Landmines still pose a serious threat to human lives. Recently, a large number of civilians have been harmed by Armenia-buried landmines in liberated Azerbaijani territories,” he said.

MP Naghiyev noted that the lack of minefield maps and the inaccurate maps provided by Armenia hinder the demining operations in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories. He emphasized that Armenia’s refusal to hand over accurate minefield maps to Azerbaijan also undermines the peace process.

The lawmaker also criticized international organizations for turning a blind eye to Armenia’s continued landmine terror.

“Of course, Azerbaijan continues to clear its liberated territories of landmines and unexploded ordnance on its own. However, the lack of accurate minefield maps hinders the ongoing demining operations,” he added.

MP Naghiyev emphasized that Armenia’s refusal to provide Azerbaijan with accurate minefield maps also poses an obstacle to the signing of a peace treaty.

“Armenia should be held accountable by international organizations for its landmine terror. The last minefield maps provided by Armenia are proved to be inaccurate after ANAMA’s examination,” he said.

“The handover of minefield maps by Armenia is necessary for the establishment of peace,” the Azerbaijani lawmaker added.


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