Great Return Program continues in full swing – next relocation to Agali!  (ANALYTICS)

Azerbaijan implements massive rehabilitation and repopulation programmes as the liberated lands emerge from the ashes.

The Great Return Program, aimed at the relocation of former IDPs to their permanent residences in these lands, continues in full swing.

On October 26, the next group of Zangilan district’s residents, who were forcibly expelled by Armenia during the First Karabakh War in 1993, returned to the Agali village. Ninety-five individuals from 17 families once lived in the war-torn 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Agali villages relocated to the newly built residential settlement in the village.

Their arrival increased the number of resettled people in Agali to 744 at a time, while more residents are expected to be back in the village once the construction of new residential quarters is completed.

Agali welcomed the first group of former IDPs comprising 96 families on July 19, 2022. The repopulated village is the first settlement in the liberated Azerbaijani lands designed as a “smart village” integrating advanced technologies and eco-friendly features. The village comprises 150 residential buildings, ranging from two to three stories, as well as a kindergarten, school, medical centre, hydroelectric power plant, and other essential facilities. The development of Agali revolves around five key components: housing, production, social services, smart agriculture, and alternative energy.

Moreover, Agali hosts several offices, including Azerpost, the ASAN Service multi-purpose social services centre, the DOST social support centre, and the Center for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises. Additionally, an agricultural park is currently under construction in the village.

The Great Return Program, rolled out by the authorities of Azerbaijan shortly after regaining the once-occupied lands in the 44-day war with Armenia in 2020, has so far enabled the return of more than 2,000 expelled Azerbaijanis to their homes.

Since 2022, the former IDPs have been relocated from their temporary residences in various parts of Azerbaijan in the districts of Zangilan, Fuzuli, and Lachin, as well as the village of Talysh in the Tartar district. By the end of 2023, the city of Lachin will also be repopulated and a total of 2,000 people will be resettled in Fuzuli.

As of now, there are 744 people living in Agali, 90 in Talysh, 1,135 in Lachin, and 928 in Fuzuli. According to Baku’s plans, a total of 2,000 families or 10,000 people are expected to return to the liberated territories by the end of 2023. The first-stage completion of the Great Return Program by late 2026 will enable to bring 34,500 families or 140,000 people back to the Karabakh and East Zangezur regions, where 34,500 apartments and private houses will be built to accommodate them.

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