Government heads of GUAM countries to meet in Kyiv

Heads of governments of GUAM countries – Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova – will meet in Kyiv on Mar. 27.

A business forum will be held as part of the event with participation of member countries’ entrepreneurs, GUAM told Trend Mar. 10.

Initially, it was planned to hold the meeting of heads of governments of GUAM countries on Dec. 5, 2016, however, due to the busy working schedule of the parties’ representatives, it was postponed for February 2017.

Azerbaijan, which chaired GUAM in 2016, put the initiative to organize a meeting of heads of GUAM countries’ governments.

The GUAM format was created by post-Soviet states in 1997 during the summit of heads of the EU states in Strasbourg. In 1999, Uzbekistan joined the format and four years later withdrew.

In 2006, Ukraine and Azerbaijan announced plans to further increase the GUAM member relations and established its headquarters in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

Currently, GUAM cooperates with Washington and Tokyo within “GUAM+US” and “GUAM+Japan” formats.


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