Germany extends COVID-19 restrictions until Dec. 20

Germany on Wednesday extended coronavirus restrictions until Dec. 20 as it struggles to contain a second wave of the pandemic.

Chancellor Angela Merkel made the announcement after a meeting with the country’s 16 state governors via videoconference.

Merkel said the restrictions could be extended until the beginning of January if necessary.

She called on citizens to follow hygiene and social distancing rules, avoid unnecessary contact with others and to stay at home as much as possible.

Restrictions valid in Germany until Dec. 20

Theater, opera and concert halls will remain closed.

Gyms, cinemas, entertainment areas and swimming pools will not operate.

Restaurants, bars and pubs will remain closed, but restaurants will be able to offer takeaway service.

Football matches will continue to be played without an audience.

Body cleaning and care salons, cosmetic and massage salons and tattooists will be completely closed as well as places like brothels.

Stores will be able to accept customers for one person per 10 square meters. In stores larger than 800 square meters, a customer will be accepted for 20 square meters.

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