Georgian police clashes with Armenians in Javakheti - VIDEO

Georgian police officers shot in the air and used batons against local Armenians During an incident in the village of Gumburdo in Javakheti on September 30.

The due statement came from the co-chairman of the unregistered Armenian nationalist party "Virk" David Rstakyan, Oxu.Az reports with reference to the Armenian News.

"After the clashes with the police, Armenians were detained. Now the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is here, we hope that the situation will settle down," Rstakyan said.

According to information, local Armenians wanted to establish their khachkar in the courtyard of the X century church, which is being restored. The police did not let them into the church yard. The situation was heated, special forces were called to the scene of the incident.



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