Garabagh Armenians blame not Azerbaijan, but their separatist leaders - Gagik Ohanjanyan Interview on Baku Network (VIDEO)

An interview with Candidate of Technical Sciences, writer, and professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Gagik Ohanjanyan, was broadcast on the Baku Network expert platform, News.Az reports citing Trend. 

The guest of the program was Gagik Ohanjanyan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, writer, and professor of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Ohanjanyan, speaking about the current situation in Azerbaijan’s Garabagh, said that the Armenian residents of Garabagh blame not Azerbaijan but first of all their separatist leaders.

"Armenians don't blame Azerbaijan. Everyone realized that you can't build happiness on someone else's grief. It all started when it was announced that we could not live together. I am against generalizations about people. There are different people among Armenians. They have a big disappointment connected not with Azerbaijan but with the paradigm that has been instilled for decades, even before the collapse of the USSR,” Ohanjanyan said.

“People should remember that first of all they are just human beings, and then think about nationality. We have 90 percent in common, 10 percent differences, and maybe even less. Azerbaijanis and Armenians who lived in Garabagh are unpretentious people, and they are basically no different. Neither Armenians nor Azerbaijanis have taught their children to kill, steal, or profit at someone else's expense. We have worked thoroughly with the Armenian people. We were just made enemies of each other. That is, all this was man-made," he said.

According to Ohanjanyan, the first sign that they are starting to work with the people is the suggestion that they are ancient people.

"Both Azerbaijanis and Armenians are conscientious peoples. No Azerbaijani mother teaches her child to seize other people's property, to kill, or to rob. Similarly, the Armenian mother They all teach us to live honestly," he said.

In particular, he touched upon the topic of the so-called incompatibility of the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples, an idea promoted by former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan.

"Robert Kocharyan is a national fascist. How can you say that about people with whom there were fraternal relations yesterday? We are destined to start talking, maybe apologizing or discussing. Without realizing it, we entered the Middle Ages, when we began to destroy cities, villages, and monuments,” Ohanjanyan said.

“Robert Kocharyan once spoke about the incompatibility of Armenians and Azerbaijanis. I still can't understand how you can say that while living there. I have been living in Garabagh for 17 years, communicating with people. How can you deceive people with this false patriotism? This is nonsense. However, after Kocharyan became president, everyone saw that he was a fool who could be used," Ohanjanyan said.

In addition, he spoke about the great contribution of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, Heydar Aliyev, to the prosperity of Garabagh.

"Until the 1970s, Garabagh was subsidized. I remember how qualitatively life has changed over the years since the construction of the Sarsang Hydro Power Plant.

“The residents of Garabagh came out of their hovels and began to build good houses for themselves. This is despite the fact that in Soviet times there were no building material stores. My father was then the head of one of the districts of Garabagh. He was at a reception with Heydar Aliyev. When we talked about the Armenians building houses there, Heydar Aliyev said, So what? They are also our people. People got access to electricity. It was a great gift for the rural people," Ohanjanyan said.


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