France's statement to Azerbaijan - encouragement of separatism, MFA says

Instead of condemning Armenia's failure to fulfill its obligation to withdraw its armed forces from the territory of Azerbaijan and its military and political provocations, including the "congratulatory message" of the Prime Minister of Armenia to the separatist regime supported by this country over the past 30 years, France is making statements against Azerbaijan, which is encouragement separatism and revanchism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan said, reports.

The statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan came in response to the statement of the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs of France Catherine Colonna regarding the results of anti-terrorist measures carried out in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

"Despite the failure of France's attempts to isolate Azerbaijan at previous meetings of the UN Security Council, another attempt by this country to use the Security Council for its policy with a limited understanding of the region and denial of current realities is not only dangerous, but also does not serve to establish peace and security in the region," the ministry said.

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