France to pay 50 euros per person for bike repairs to boost cycling post-lockdown

France will contribute 50 euros per person towards bicycle repairs after a nationwide coronavirus lockdown ends on May 11, taking an innovative step to encourage cycling and keep cars off city roads.

Environment Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Thursday a 20 million euro ($22 million) plan for repairing bicycles, installing temporary bike parking spaces, and financing cycling coaching sessions.

The government is keen to get more people cycling and reduce overcrowding in metros and buses, where it is hard to practice the social distancing required to prevent virus transmission.

Borne said the government will also accelerate a program allowing employers to cover up to 400 euros of travel costs of staff who cycle to work.

“We want this period to be a new stage towards a cycling culture and we want the bicycle to be the queen of deconfinement,” Borne said on her Twitter feed.

(с) Reuters


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