France responsible for genocide against indigenous nations: Martinique Freedom Party

France has committed genocide against indigenous nations, Luc Carole, a representative of the Martinique Freedom Party, said at a press conference, News.Az reports.

“France is considered a country of human rights, but in our countries it pursues a policy of colonialism against indigenous people,” he said.

“France has committed genocide against indigenous nations. They were used as slaves to develop France's economy. Countries like Nigeria and Senegal are also being colonized. They are fighting for their freedom,” Luc Carole added.

An international conference, "Neocolonialism: Violation of Human Rights and Injustice," organized by the Baku Initiative Group, will be held in Baku on October 20.

The Baku Initiative Group was established on July 6, 2023, in Baku by participants of the conference "Total Elimination of Colonialism" within the framework of the ministerial meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement under the chairmanship of Azerbaijan.


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