Former Yerevan Mayor to return state budget 1.8 billion dram

Former Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan was questioned over the Yerevan Foundation fraud case, Director of Armenian National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan said.

He said that Margaryan has a witness status in this case. According to Vanetsyan, at this point, we have 1 billion and 807 million-dram ($3,763,400) misuse at Yerevan Foundation.

"The director of the Yerevan Foundation has already given written consent for the recovery of these amounts," cited Vanetsyan as saying.

Earlier it was reported that search was carried out at the Yerevan Foundation offices, which are located in the Yerevan Municipality building, and intelligence-gathering and investigative actions are still in progress. 

Subsequently, the NSS filed a criminal case on charges of misuse of official powers and fraud. 


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