Facebook allowed politicians, celebrities to flout rules, report reveals

Facebook management intervened in the operation of its social platform in order to provide politicians with privileges when posting despite their own rules, The Financial Times reported on Monday citing The Facebook Papers investigation, based on testimonies of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, TASS reports.

According to the report, Facebook’s management intervened to allow US politicians and celebrities to post anything without any restrictions.

In June, The Verge reported that Facebook’s management intended to amend its moderation policies after ex-President Donald Trump was restricted access to the platform.

The Tech titan said it would remove exceptions for politicians who post on the social network.

In addition, in September, the Wall Street Journal reported after studying a number of Facebook documents that the platform’s quality control system allows a number of users with a large audience to post materials that violate the community rules. Such publications often went unnoticed by moderators.


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