Expert: Why do they turn a blind eye to acts of genocide committed by Armenia?

The United States launched a political attack on Turkey, Coskun Basbug, a Turkish military expert, told News.Az.

He was commenting on US President Joe Biden’s recognition of the so-called “Armenian genocide”.

“But in the end, the US will lose a lot in terms of politics, economics and military cooperation, because Turkey will take very tough retaliatory steps. This was our red line,” the expert said.

“If you pay attention to history, you will be able to see that it was the Turks who were subjected to genocide the most. It is the countries of the West that are most involved in these genocides. If you, turning a blind eye to their actions, try to write a non-existent story, of course, they will answer you. We then must ask the US why it turns a blind eye to the acts of genocide committed by Armenia. What about the Khojlay genocide committed against Azerbaijani civilians? What about the massacre that Armenia staged in southern and eastern Anatolia?” he added.

Basbug stressed that Biden's statement has no significance for the Turkic world, since it has nothing to do with reality, but just a pure lie.


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