EU’s double-standard approach ‘regrettable’: Western Azerbaijan Community

It is regrettable that the European Union continues to approach issues through the prism of double standards, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement. 

The Community commented on the EU’s statement dated September 12, 2023, and other statements made in recent days, News.Az reports.

"The question arises, why does the European Union, which talks about the importance of de-escalation and peace, not call on the Armenian leadership to remove the remnants of its army from the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, to stop provocative statements and actions, and to disarm illegal Armenian groups?

The European Union should clearly indicate that Garabagh belongs to Azerbaijan in its statements. At a time when the Armenian authorities recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, at least in words, it is completely unacceptable that the European Union does not indicate who owns the territory by using the expression as the former "Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province", and mentioning the name ‘Stepanakert’. The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan are not inferior to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of any European Union country.

The fact that the EU calls on the Armenian residents of the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan to unite around the illegal regime is disrespectful to the Constitution and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

The fact that the European Union is in daily contact with representatives of Garabagh Armenians is also a clear example of double standards. The European Union, which expects Azerbaijan to hold a dialogue with the Garabagh Armenians to ensure their rights and security, for some reason, does not call for a dialogue with the Western Azerbaijanis it deported to Armenia.

The European Union should refrain from such unfair policy, which harms its image in the Azerbaijani society,” the statement reads


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