Europe missed phenomenon of Turkic world: Azerbaijani MP (VIDEO)

The unification of Turkic-speaking states led to a revival of world politics, Samad Seyidov, Azerbaijani MP, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations, said during the “Time for Discussion” program aired on Western Azerbaijan TV (Qərbi Azərbaycan TV) with host Tofig Abbasov, News.Az reports.

“It’s no secret that Europe tried to restrain Muslim-Arab development in a certain way, and these “failed states” within the Muslim world not only because they themselves are weak, but also because they were driven to the point of so that they become insolvent, to the point of a split state. But Europe missed one phenomenon, it missed the Turkic-Islamic world. They [Europeans] did not have time to react. Türkiye, Azerbaijan, the Shusha Declaration, the Turkic world, Turkic states, huge economic potential, moreover, the potential that began to attract the countries of Europe itself,” Seyidov said.

According to the lawmaker, the Turkic world itself contains all those values, including multi-religiousness, attitude towards women, attitude towards national minorities and others, which Europe has attributed to its value environment.

“Now a new geopolitical reality, called the Turkic world, has emerged. And who was one of its main creators? President Ilham Aliyev, Azerbaijan, together with the President of Türkiye, together with the leaders of Central Asian countries,” he said.

Seyidov said he believes that all this causes jealousy in the West, because a Turkic-Muslim center of power, uncontrolled by Europe, has arisen, uniting the Islamic world through Turkic values, through their own worldview of all religions, which Europeans have always considered their prerogative.

“But there is not only a moral side here. There is huge economic potential here: oil, gas, logistics, communications, and a corridor, which is now possible only thanks to Azerbaijan. The entire exit from the West to all of East Asia is only through Azerbaijan. And they [Europeanms] begin to apply those historically proven methods that they have always used: to restrain, and if it is not possible to restrain, then to discredit, if to discredit does not work, then to push, and if to push is not possible, then to intervene directly. So, we must wait for some provocations aimed at ensuring that there is no peace here,” MP Seyidov added.



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